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14-year-old Chandan becomes IAF Pilot for a day

Dream is what all live for and for one day Chandan lived his dream. Chandan is terminally ill, Cancer has spread all through his body and doctors say we have to wait for a miracle. We hope this will be that miracle.


Chandan had this long cherished dream of becoming Air Force pilot and with the help of Uday Foundation, he is dream came true.

Uday Foundation_Chandan_1

From donning the full uniform and reporting to the base chief at the Ambala Air Force Station, to taking lessons in a simulator and then moving onto a real cockpit – Chandan fully earned the flight certificate that was awarded to him at the end of the day. In his overalls and Ray-Bans and helmet, he looked every inch the pilot reported NDTV. 

Uday Foundation_Chandan_2

“Since he was a child, he would nag me about flying and now look at him. He hasn’t stopped smiling. We are grateful to the IAF,” said Chandan’s father Girish.

The young pilots said they admired Chandan for his bravery. “Fighting cancer is way tougher than flying this mean machine and we salute him for this,” said one of them.

Chandan is fighter and we don’t have any doubts that he will give strong fight to his disease, we wish him speedy recovery. We equally salute Indian Air Force for this nice gesture, we are thank full to you to letting Chandan live his dream.

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