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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Young Murtaza’s gets something really special from Leo Messi

Story of young Murtaza will touch your heart because of its purity and simplicity. Murtaza Ahmadi , 5, was pictured wearing a soccer jersey made from a plastic bag with ‘Messi’ written on the back, went viral on internet and rightly so. Photo of Murtaza wearing the

This British Airways Advertisement Will Touch Your Heart

British Airways surely knows how to bond with the Indian consumers and they have done it time and again. Throw in some emotional bonding and we Indians get crazy and we like it that way. In this new advertisement, British Airways talk about how a

The Mighty Himalyan From Royal Enfield is Here To Ride The Himalyas

Royal Enfield has a special significance for adventure lovers, be it a long ride or  through the rocky mountains, its a mighty machine, travellers delight and how do you continue to thrill Royal Enfield lovers, by giving a special Himalyan bike for Himalayas rides. Royal Enfield has