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5 Reasons why Kindle’s “Celebrating the Joy of Reading” Commercial is Amazing

Directed by Ram Madhvani, an Indian film director from Mumbai best known for directing several award-winning commercials in India has really touched heart of may through his new film for Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon. The commercial has been shot in Srilanka and is production from EQUINOX FILMS PVT. LTD – MUMBAI.

The commercial just not only touches your emotional, it takes you to a world where love, care and story telling is still considered an act of god. We list down five reason why this commercial is amazing.

1. The commercial starts with Actor (Varun Mitra) taking blessings from his  mother some where in heaven, need we say more. You simply get the connect right there.

2. The intensity at which the story is being read and presented on screen, makes you believe it cant be anything less then a mystery from Sherlock Holmes, in reality its not.

Kindle Paperwhite Commercial 2014_1

3. Bundle of joy running from shadows and taking the centre stage is simply inexplicable, the director catches this part of the commercial with perfection.

Kindle Paperwhite Commercial 2014_2

4. When the happiness and sorrow is a matter of which part of story you are telling, its takes heart to see these emotions from kids, you are bound to get touched.

Kindle Paperwhite Commercial 2014_3 Kindle Paperwhite Commercial 2014_4

5. Finally the music and song,we tried searching for full lyrics, its not available. Written and composed by Swanand Kirkire is simply WOW.

“Kirkire won the National Film Award for Best Lyrics twice. First in 2007 for the song “Bande Me Tha Dum…Vande Mataram” from the 2006 film, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, second time in 2009, and for the song “Behti Hawaa Sa Tha Woh…” from the film 3 Idiots. He received Filmfare Award nomination for Best Lyrics for the song “Piyu Bole” in Parineeta (2005)”

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