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Blazing Eyes, Killer Looks, Gun in Her Hand, The First Ruthless Crimefighter From Pakistan

She can give run for money to many female celebrates on the looks she carries or the way she presents herself, unfortunately she is a fictional character, our celebrities can take it easy.

Bloody Nasreen

Meet Bloody Nasreen, a fictional character made by Karachi, Pakistan based Shahan Zaidi.  Zaidi grew up on a diet of Vertigo and Constantine comics and says he is inspired by female-focused movies such as Shekar Kapur’s Bandit Queen (1995) and Kill Bill (2003), starring Uma Thurman.

The National describes this character as, Blazing eyes, flying hair, looks that could kill. The main character of Shahan Zaidi’s English-­language graphic novel Bloody Nasreen is 27, smokes cigarettes and kills without pity. Pakistan’s first unveiled heroine wields a gun in her right hand and a sword in her left, but her attire – she wears a shalwar kameez and sneakers – is not the image you’d expect of a ruthless crimefighter.

Bloody Nasreen1 Bloody Nasreen2 Bloody Nasreen3 Bloody Nasreen4The character Bloody Nasreen has gained relative cult popularity via social media. Zaidi started out as cartoonist in 1997 and is a painter and concept artist, who has worked in several major production studios, but comics seem to have taken the forefront for him reported The Tribune.

While his graphic novel is still in progress, Zaidi’s character has been drawing quite an interest from several upcoming film-makers, who want to make a film based on the character. It was announced last week that film-maker Usman Mukhtar would be collaborating with Zaidi, for a detailed plan to create a full-length feature film based on Bloody Nasreen.

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