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Can you paint on anything & everything ? Vivitsa Kohli can!


Original picture – by Sushant Chaudhary –

She has gift which has been nurtured with perfection and the result is simply awesome, we stumbled on this report published in DNA (Canvassing the beauty around), simply couldn’t ignore sharing the art work of this extremely talented artist.

Vivitsa Kohli is Chandigarh based artists, photographer, painter and she is only 18, she is an National Institute of Design college aspirant. She has won the national award for painting at the age of 16 and learns it primarily from “Observation and practice”.


Two Landscapes painting on a pair of Jeans!


Painting on FLEET FOXES!


Patch work done by cutting out little pieces of left over cloth.


Painted a feather with a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch


MOVIE WALL 80 of the best movies collection from Vivitsa

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She has also collaborated with Osheen Gupta to produce top-motion project.


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