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Meet Charon, Pluto’s largest Moon Up and Close

NASA recently posted best color and the highest resolution images yet of Pluto’s largest moon, Charon and its outstanding!

Soldiers Celebrating Holi

Nation was in festive mode today, it was Holi, festival of colours and when nation is colourful, how can our soldiers be left behind. Take a look at these amazing pictures from Getty. View image | View image | View image |

These Images from Aero India 2015 Reherasal Day will Leave You Stunned

India is all set to host 10th International show on ‘Make In India‘ in aerospace, defence, civil aviation, airport infrastructure and defence engineering between Feb 18th – Feb 22nd in Bengalaru. In run up to the Asia’s Premium Air Show, Spokes Person of Ministry of Defence posted

Spectacular Adelaide Oval Stadium

You saw the match and it was indeed spectacular, something else came as a surprise…The Adelaide Oval Stadium! It was simply spectacular, specially sunset when everything literally everything looked like Indian flag.         All images courtesy ICC

Republic Day 2015 in Pictures

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Google’s Republic Day Doodles Over Years

Here is reflection of how Google Doodles have been celebrating Republic Day in India, Google Doodle is an artistic version of the Google logo. In 1998, before the company was even incorporated, the concept of the doodle was born when Google founders Larry and Sergey played

NASA releases 100 millionth image of the sun

On Jan. 19, 2015, at 12:49 p.m. EST, an instrument on NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory captured its 100 millionth image of the sun. The instrument is the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, or AIA, which uses four telescopes working parallel to gather eight images of the sun

A Brazilian artist is writing the 2014 FIFA World Cup story on the street of Rio’s world-famous Copacabana Beach

This is not a stand story, its actually mural (piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall).  Take a look at these amazing murals and live the magic.  

These images of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro are surreal

Photographer Yasuyoshi Chiba clicked series of pictures while moon sets behind the statue of Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado hill in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. These are simply surreal!   #450597380 /   #450597348 /   #450597306 /

Never Before, Image of Synchronized Whale Breach

This is a dream picture and so perfect that you might start thinking of Photoshop trick, in reality its “as is”. Photographer from Blue Ocean Whale Watch took this pic at half-mile from the entrance to Moss Landing Harbor. Kate Cummings, the photographer says “Good thing there’s no

Selfie in Air, F-16 Pilot Takes Ultimate Selfie Alongside the First Dutch Boeing 787-8

This could be a dream seflie for majority of us but not really for the Dutch F-16 pilot. Interesting series of selfies, taken by GoPro cameras, showing Arkefly airline’s first 787-8,  the first Dreamliner in the Netherlands, welcomed by the RNlAF (Royal Netherlands Air Force) F-16 Demo Team reported

This is joy!

Ultimate Selfie on Top of Redeemer Statue in Brazil

Lee Thompson, a travel company boss who was out in Brazil to document the preparations for this summer’s World Cup ending up clicking one of the most famous selfies in world, right on top of Redeemer Statue in Brazil. The statue itself is 98ft tall, and it

Can you paint on anything & everything ? Vivitsa Kohli can!

She has gift which has been nurtured with perfection and the result is simply awesome, we stumbled on this report published in DNA (Canvassing the beauty around), simply couldn’t ignore sharing the art work of this extremely talented artist. Vivitsa Kohli is Chandigarh based artists,

A collection of maps showing India in a different way

A collection of maps showing how Indians look at India, how we look at the work and how the world looks at India including some interesting facts from India. 1. Food Map of India, the recommendations listed can be foodies delight while travelling. 2. A