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Parineeti Looks Stunning in Changed Avatar, Built That Way

“Built That Way” , as per Parineeti this was the most special shoot of her life and everyone will agree. It took 9 months of hard work to transform her body and it looks stunning!

Life Lessons That Rani From “Queen” Taught Us

When “Queen” released, no one had even imagined that it would create such a big impact! Not only did it rake in big moolahs at the box office, but it also left people wanting more. The character of “Kangana Ranaut” i.e. Rani became instantly famous

Hillarious Posters on Everyday Scenes from the Delhi Metro

Its a fact, boarding metro from Rajiv Chowk is almost like climbing Mountain Everest, if you get it, considered your self worth of a gallantry award because people inside will try to throw you like Sparta! 🙂 In a hilarious representation of daily life at

World Radio Day Today, Take a Walk Through the Memory Lane

On Feb 13th, ITU International Amateur Radio Club Station in Geneva will mark World Radio Day. We at 2×4 Stories, looked at India’s love with Radio from generation and some outstanding facts. First two broadcasting stations were inaugurated at Bombay and Calcutta on 23rd July

World’s largest Rubik’s Cube solved in 7.5 hours

YouTube user Kenneth Brandon (RedKB) is a self-proclaimed fan of twisty puzzles, and set out to solve this massive world-record-holding Rubik’s Cube. It took him around seven and a half hours over the course of five days reported CNet. “The way you solve a 17

The Best Ad of 2014 Was Brilliant and It Wasn’t Even Real

Adweek recently released its annual list of Best Ads of 2014, what really caught our attention was the winner and this add for a beer brand was indeed the best. Brewer Newcastle wanted to created a advertisement for SuperBowl but couldn’t afford it and they

YRF Celebrates 1000 Weeks of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Released 1995, Yash Raj Films is celebrating 1000 weeks of blockbuster move Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge with a new trailer. Earning over INR106 crore (US$17 million) in India and INR16 crore (US$2.6 million) overseas, the film was declared an “All-time Blockbuster” and became the biggest Bollywood

Passengers Push Frozen Siberian Plane on Runway

This for a change did not happen in India, wait, even it did, we would have considered it business as usual. Ok, we are exaggerating it but you would see public buses being pushed here and there on Indian roads. These road transport buses would

Enna Da Rascalas: We are South of India

In this entertaining video, Enna Da Rascalas team brings south of India in a fascinating way with a sweet general knowledge (gyan) for Northies.

Vacation Time Around The World

To be human is to need a break from time to time. Yet, the amount of time we get to spend away from work varies widely from nation to nation–as do attitudes toward taking a vacation. As you might expect, Europe leads the way with

Beauty lies in originality, Bollywood musicians have a lesson to learn

They are from USA but their music is India, off course Jeffrey has Indian and Pakistan background but his music is far better than the current league of Bollywood musicians. Bollywood focuses on techno music, music is modified with high end digital technology and in

On This Epic Day We Recall “Vengaboys – To Brazil”

The world is focused on Brazil today because of World Cup 2014 and today’s its epic contest for final berth between Brazil & Germany. Down the memory lane, we bring this songs which was world famous and truly depicts Brazil’s vibrant atmosphere. Vengaboys – To

Blazing Eyes, Killer Looks, Gun in Her Hand, The First Ruthless Crimefighter From Pakistan

She can give run for money to many female celebrates on the looks she carries or the way she presents herself, unfortunately she is a fictional character, our celebrities can take it easy. Meet Bloody Nasreen, a fictional character made by Karachi, Pakistan based Shahan Zaidi.  Zaidi

How North India is Beating Heat ?

With temperature soaring up to 45-47 degree Celsius in Delhi and some part of North India, people have taken innovate ways to deal with it. See these images to believe, even this extreme temperature cant take away the fun aspects of North India. This is

She is Young & Beautiful, She also Carries a Pink AK47

This could be a movie plot from at typical or Hollywood or Bollywood movie but its not, meet Claudia Ochoa Felix, the leader of ‘Los Antrax’, a violent gang affiliated to the powerful Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico. 27 year old Claudia is mother of three children and was allegedly