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The significance of Buddhist prayer flag and what it means

Once you go beyond the regular hills, you will see the real mountains and off course, the hills are not bad, its just the traveller in you will always ask to go beyond. In out last travel to spiti valley, we saw the real mountains

A walk around the magnificent Rampuria Haveli in Bikaner

I was in Bikaner to attend a marriage and to make most of it, I did try to explore the city as much as I can. The city and its tales are so amazing, every time you visit, you will have something new to see

Ram Setu is for real, says Popular Science Channel

An American science channel has claimed that the Ram Setu is man-made and not natural. In a promo for its upcoming show, the channel quotes an archaeologist that the rocks on top of sand pre-date the sand. “The rocks on top of the sand actually

Everything you wanted to know about Amazon Echo, hands-free speaker you control with your voice

Amazon Echo has now been officially launched in India and currently available by invitation only. These devices are available in three different variants, Echo Dot is priced at INR 4499, Echo at INR 9999  and Echo Plus at INR 14,999. Amazon is currently offering 30% discount on

FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017, Schedule & Ticket Details

You don’t have to be a football fan to witness this probably once in lifetime opportunity,  FIFA U-17 World Cup is being hosted in India for the first time starting Oct 6th and you can witness Indian team in action as well. A total of

India is deploying smart Israel-developed fencing system having a ‘quick response team’ mechanism

This could put a lot of border issues to rest or perhaps would minimize it, India will soon get smart Israel-developed fencing system having a ‘quick response team’ mechanism which strikes when the CCTV-powered control room detects an infiltration attempt. The BSF is implementing an ambitious project called

This Indian beer has only 90 calories, your summer is cooler now

Worried about summer on different fronts, especially because of added calories from beer binge, we have a solution now. Bira 91 has recently launched a low-calorie beer, one of the first low-calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market, a 330ml bottle has about

Travel Stories, McLeod Ganj Travelogue and OOTD

I always wanted to travel to different places and wanted to cover all the famous or beautiful areas in India! Fortunately, I had been travelling a lot since this October and I had so much to share with you guys from my trip to Bikaner,

The Mighty Himalyan From Royal Enfield is Here To Ride The Himalyas

Royal Enfield has a special significance for adventure lovers, be it a long ride or  through the rocky mountains, its a mighty machine, travellers delight and how do you continue to thrill Royal Enfield lovers, by giving a special Himalyan bike for Himalayas rides. Royal Enfield has

The Pamban Rail Bridge – 2nd Most Extreme Railway Line in the World

World’s Most Extreme Railways by National Geographic Channel rates the Pamban Railway Bridge as the 2nd Most Extreme Railway Line in the World. The Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge on the Palk Strait which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland

Life Lessons That Rani From “Queen” Taught Us

When “Queen” released, no one had even imagined that it would create such a big impact! Not only did it rake in big moolahs at the box office, but it also left people wanting more. The character of “Kangana Ranaut” i.e. Rani became instantly famous

Contribution of Women During Early Days of Independence Struggle

India has a long history, incredibly strong story on how our characters shaped us. People from all sections of the societies played an instrumental role in success of India, specially during early Independence Day struggles. On this International Women’s Day, we look at some our

Attention Travelers, You Were Getting These City Names Wrong

So you have traveled across the world and didn’t even know how that cities name is pronounced, well not your fault. Globalization also comes with amalgamation of languages and dialect, we get heavily influenced with common dialect and adopt to it. We need to get

Driving in Fog, Important points to remember

Entire North India is under Dense or Shallow fog and its going to stay for couple of days, its important to keep yourself safe. Learn more about the fog and how can you keep your self protected from untoward incident. The biggest challenge on Indian

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When a girl is alone, its not an opportunity, its a responsibility #respectwomen

These girls have a put across very powerful message for society, specially for men. [huge_it_slider id=”4″]