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Chennai techie creates a successful business model by planting trees

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Innovation in farming is being considered as new business ventures by young generation. Many tech graduates have already entered in this field and bring new set of business ideas and here is a new success story. P. Sakthivel, from Vegakollai in Cuddalore district; Tamil Nadu has an exciting entrepreneurial story.

As per the reports published in The Hindu,P. Sakthivel, is proving how agri business is able to fetch good income for him. Presently his monthly income is Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh.

Trees such as teak and casuarina are becoming popular since once planted, the trees require little attention and water and their wood fetches a good price in the market. Casuarina is called Savukku maram in Tamil, Sarugudu in Telugu, Surve mara in Kannada and Jangli saru in Hindi.

Sakthivel said: “I wanted to be my own boss and did not have the mindset to work under anybody. I realized that in agriculture both mind and body work equally during field work. And I can give employment to some rural people,”.

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