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Drug Addiction is Darkness, Destruction & Devastation

Drug is Darkness, Destruction & Devastation said Narendra Modi today in his  radio address today, this is in continuation with previous addresses on on his radio broadcast. There is a specific reason why Narendra Modi is brought this topic to national attention.

PM Narendra Modi during his #MannKiBaat address to nation.

PM Narendra Modi during his #MannKiBaat address to nation.

India has an unrivalled youth demographic: 65% of its population is 35 or under, and half the country’s population of 1.25 billion people is under 25 years of age and menace of drug is impacting a section of group, the sooner we control, the quicker we build our nation.

Some evidence suggests that there is an increasing use of illicit drugs and reported numbers point to over 3 million drug addicts in India. However, the World Health Organization does note that there is significant difficulty in estimating drug usage and addiction rates in the country due to poor bureaucratic processes and census reporting.

In an detailed story published in Tehlka, 75% of the youth. Every third student. 65% of all families in Punjab are in the throes of a sweeping drug addiction. While the stats are available for Punjab region, the menace exists across the country. Punjab has been deeply impacted because of its proximity to international border. Prime Minister in his address has rightly point, this money from drugs is used by terrorist to fund their extremists ways.

Azad India Foundation, an NGO working in this space points out; The damage to the physical, psychological, moral and intellectual growth of the youth is very high. Adolescent drug abuse is one of the major areas of concern in adolescent and young people’s bbehaviour

It is estimated that, in India, by the time most boys reach the ninth grade, about 50 percent of them have tried at least one of the gateway drugs. However, there is a wide regional variation across states in term of the incidence of the substance abuse. For example, a larger proportion of teens in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh use gateway drugs (about 60 percent in both the states) than Uttar Pradesh or Haryana (around 35 percent). Increase in incidences of HIV, hepatitis B and C and tuberculosis due to addiction adds the reservoir of infection in the community burdening the health care system further.

There are several ways individuals and families can help in de addicting, its important to accept this a challenge and work through it.  We thank Narendra Modi to bring this topic comes in national discussion, people from section of the society must join hands to overcome this problem, we must protect our young citizens.


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