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God Man or Devil Man, Rampal & others are fooling innocent


We are not trying to generalize this, spirituality does exists but in majority of instances its exploited. This Godman Rampal episode should be an eye opener to innocent people. These godMen to an extent, take the innocence as a weapon to force themselves on common people.

This episode is simply tip of iceberg, there are thousands GodMen around holding innocent people captive. There success lies in giving false hope and quick fixes, along with the patronage of political class who use these GodMen to garner vote from their followers.

The scary part, they are turning out be anti national. A recent report suggest “Haryana Police have struck upon a Maoist link to controversial Haryana-based leader Rampal, whose ashram in Hisar saw two days of bloody and chaotic scenes before his arrest on Wednesday evening.

We hope government takes stern against these God Men and get the innocent people out of their captivity.



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