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Headteacher’s Note to Her Pupils is a Lesson for Society

We all know this but we never practice, in our day to day life all of us chasing numbers and not the thought, we are asking our children to all chase the number.

Our school education system has changed but more they change, more they focus marks driven meritocracy and its primarily driven by society.

A teacher in Lancashire, Barrowford Primary School is trying to change, she sent letter to all school student post the exams and we are sure, it has made the difference at least to those kids.


Barrowford, a larger than average primary school, with 324 pupils on the roll, was rated “good” in its most recent Ofsted inspection in 2012. Inspectors praised the staff at the school for providing “a warm, welcoming environment that builds confidence and supports children to settle very quickly” reported the Guradian.

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