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How Google Covered Indian Election

Indian election is not a small event, when almost 1.2 billion people participate in a democratic exercise the magnitude will certainly be big and will be felt across the globe. While the world was looking at us, tracking all the events, Google came up with its owns ideas of tracking this event.

Google had its work cut, right from begging they started picking up trends from Google search data and they went to play an important role in promoting “pledge to vote”.

GOOGLE_infographic (3) (1)

GOOGLE_infographic_Vote related searches (2) (2)

GOOGLE_infographic_What is India searching about its political parties (1) (1)


10MostSearchedGoogle’s pledge to vote section identified how people voted in their respective region by highlighting top issues.

Election Result1

In March, when India was getting closer to the election, Google created a video named #PledgeToVote with Mr. Shyam Negi. This video went viral and till has 2,815,528 views.


Finally on the election result data, Google had its Doodle representing Indian Voting exercise.

Google Election

On the election day they were not behind our news channel, they picked up trends as fast we any other sources might.

results2014_nationalpicture-01 (4)


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