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How North India is Beating Heat ?

With temperature soaring up to 45-47 degree Celsius in Delhi and some part of North India, people have taken innovate ways to deal with it. See these images to believe, even this extreme temperature cant take away the fun aspects of North India.

This is how people in Delhi think of their exact location in universe, its getting closure to sun with ever passing year.

delhi summer

Now who could have though of this innovate idea, that’s the reason Indians are called Kings of Jugaad, wait its actually not. This is perfect placement of your bed in hot summer.

delhi summer 2

Do you have better alternative to beat heat then this ?

delhi summer 6

This is much more cost effective and rather practical, in all probability North India will not have electricity at home, how about sleeping with Ice bricks ?

delhi summer 1

This image is from a famous movie Highway but you will find in all hook n corners of North India, specially if you are driving  through country side.

delhi summer 5

This is a regular view on Delhi roads, err…not the tripling part but every one wrapped as of entire delhi is into a covert mission.

delhi summer 7


delhi summer 8-001


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