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Indian Army to go all out against Bodo Militants

Gen Dalbir Singh reviewing security situation in Assam.

Gen Dalbir Singh reviewing security situation in Assam.

Three days after the massacre in Assam, the Army will intensify its operations and will be moving extra forces to the state. The Bodo militant attack has claimed 78 lives in the state.

Almost 60 companies were operating in the state and the Army was planning to start an all-out operations against militants using their expertise in jungle warfare. Assam’s borders have been sealed. Sources in the Army said that their first priority was to ensure that there were no more clashes between Bodos and tribals.

This is not the firs time tribals in Assam has the seen this massacre but its time we must unite and fight against the perpetrators. Peace is the ultimate solution but there must be a common ground, violence must be muted first.


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