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This Indian beer has only 90 calories, your summer is cooler now

Worried about summer on different fronts, especially because of added calories from beer binge, we have a solution now.

Bira 91 has recently launched a low-calorie beer, one of the first low-calorie beers to be introduced in the Indian market, a 330ml bottle has about 90 calories only.

Talking about this new launch, the company’s founder, Ankur Jain, said, “Bira 91 Light is the lowest calorie option for any alcoholic beverage in the bar. It is lower than a glass of champagne, much lower than Breezers, wine, or cocktails. It is even lower than a glass of milk or orange juice!”  – ET Times

The beer is positioned as a “lunchtime lager” – quick refreshment that you can have with a light meal any time of the day

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