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Indian city makes it to the list of 22 cities across the world at the forefront of the global tech industry

This should not come as surprise, our very own Silicon Valley (Bengaluru) is part of 22 cities across the world at the forefront of the global tech industry.

A research was done by Savills World Research which focuses on to understand the many, diverse factors that make places a good location choice for the tech sector.

Criteria for Selection:
  • Cities attract talent. Employers need to understand what makes these urban centres successful so they can identify the best locations for future expansion and relocation.
  • Access to venture capital and talent give US cities a lead on other global centres. Austin beats San Francisco to the top of the table because it is so successful in attracting human capital.
  • Liveable and vibrant Berlin tops our ‘City Buzz and Wellness’ measure. London ranks high for it’s extensive cultural and entertainment offer.
  • Rising on a global stage, tech centres such as Santiago, Buenos Aires and Cape Town are magnets for talent in their regions and have the potential to become global players.

The Ranking

City Buzz and Wellness Rankings

“Bangalore has enjoyed a status as India’s leading tech city since the 1970s when a 330-acre industrial park was created to house the city’s electronics factories. The tradition continues today: around two-fifths of India’s IT and software exports come from Bengaluru, and the city’s low labour costs and wealth of technical talent make it particularly attractive for outside investment.”

City population: 9.8 million

City GDP per capita: $4,368

Established tech firm office rent per week per sq ft: $12

Prime residential rent per week: $911

Cost of a flat white: $1.35

Startups per 1,000 people: 0.4

Average commute by employees working in key tech districts: 47 minutes

Cost of a single journey on local transport: $0.31

Annual passengers across the city’s airports: 18.1 million

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