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Life Lessons That Rani From “Queen” Taught Us

When “Queen” released, no one had even imagined that it would create such a big impact! Not only did it rake in big moolahs at the box office, but it also left people wanting more.

The character of “Kangana Ranaut” i.e. Rani became instantly famous and garnered rave reviews from critics as well as audiences. The storyline of this movie was such that most people could relate to it with their real life and which is why, the movie touched their heart! It would not be an under-statement to say that apart from pulling our heart strings, the movie also made us think and made us learn some life lessons.

Move out of comfort zone

Someone has rightly said that unless and until you move out of your comfort zone, you won’t be able to experience great things in your life. There may that hobby of yours which you have always wanted to pursue professionally but your fear over something has held you. Unless and until you bid goodbye to your fears, you won’t be able to make your dreams come true. A new opportunity always comes with its fair share of difficulties and only when you have made a strong mental note to yourself to overcome or maybe just shun your shyness, you won’t be able to move forward.

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Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself

Before Rani travelled to abroad, there have been slight hints about her taking herself a bit seriously. When she travelled to Paris, she had to shed her fears and move along with time. When first faced with problems, she went super nervous and almost a bit blank. But with time slowly, she went on to discover her humorous side too!

The result of which was that she was able to get along with other easily and comfortably. Needless to say, she made us laugh a lot! Ritiesh Deshmukh’s upcoming movie “Bangistan” will also surely tickle your funny bones. Do book its tickets online via wherein the bookings will fetch you top cashback!

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Make your own identity

Do you remember this dialogue of hers > “Main bhi kuch karna chahti hoon.” Brought up in a society with a traditional mindset, Rani was made to believe that a woman should only go by her husband’s wishes which is why she rejected the job she was been given. Because her fiancé disapproved of it.

She realized her mistake when she travelled and noticed everyone up on their toes working and paying for themselves. When presented with an opportunity to cook (which she loved to), she accepted it with open arms and proved to herself that she too could do what others do. So that gives another lesson that never under-estimate yourself. Until the queen makes a comeback, watch out the latest movie this weekend and that too without paying full prices through Bookmyshow Buy 1 Get 1 ticket free offer via

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Don’t compromise on your self esteem

Rani was broken when her marriage broke. She was devastated! Growing up in a society which teaches that you need someone to complete you, she felt completely alone! After she went outside India, she learned so much about others as well as herself.

It was like a journey of self-discovery for her. She got to know about her weaknesses and strengths. Even when her lover made a comeback, she gave him his own taste of medicine and rejected him.

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Unleash your wild side

Be it the crazy dance at nightclub or outside the nightclub, having cracked moments with her friends or venting out her feelings on Facebook, she did it all! I remember a famous quote that sometimes the only way to control yourself is by going out of control! It is a beautiful side. One must never lose this fun side!

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