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Passengers Push Frozen Siberian Plane on Runway


This for a change did not happen in India, wait, even it did, we would have considered it business as usual. Ok, we are exaggerating it but you would see public buses being pushed here and there on Indian roads.

These road transport buses would refuse to start and will ask for a gentle push, as a sober human being we do oblige. Something really strange happened in Russia, instead pushing a bus they had push aeroplane on runway 🙂


A statement by the West Siberia Transportation Prosecutor (yes, the Russian general prosecutor’s office has a special division to deal with potentially criminal transit mishaps) said that the braking system on the landing gear had frozen, and what officials called a tow truck, which actually pushes the plane with a metal arm, had stalled.

“Passengers got off the plane and began to push it on the taxiway,” according to the statement, which added that prosecutors “will assess the legality of the actions of all those involved.”


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