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Indian army men creates record, first time ever climb Mt Everest without oxygen cylinder

A team of four Indian Army personnel successfully climbed Mt Everest without using oxygen cylinders, becoming the first team to scale the world’s highest peak without supplementary oxygen, PTI reported.   “We had formed a team of 10 people with the aim to scale the

Indian Army to go all out against Bodo Militants

Three days after the massacre in Assam, the Army will intensify its operations and will be moving extra forces to the state. The Bodo militant attack has claimed 78 lives in the state. Almost 60 companies were operating in the state and the Army was

The Untold Story, Soldier of Fortune

A true story of incredible courage of a soldier, whom I’ve had the privilege of knowing. Someone, who would just not take “NO” for an answer, despite the challenges life threw at him. A story that needs to be told. There is inevitably a strange,