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The Athletic Brilliance

Are we seeing the pinnacle of athletic brilliance or more is yet to come, of course, we will continue to see more as we understand more about human anatomy? Science is helping us understand human capability more than ever, every inch of your body is

FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017, Schedule & Ticket Details

You don’t have to be a football fan to witness this probably once in lifetime opportunity,  FIFA U-17 World Cup is being hosted in India for the first time starting Oct 6th and you can witness Indian team in action as well. A total of

How did Delhihites Respond on India’s performance in the Football World Cup ?

No, there is nothing wrong with Delhi on how they respond to certain basics on Football, its just that Delhi doesn’t care who win or looses FIFA World Cup, all they need is a good match and isn’t that perfect enough! Popular YouTube Channel SorteddTv went around asking

Football Moves in Zero Gravity ?

The world has been taken over by football lovers, all over its World cup fever and in this madness how can astronauts be left out and zero gravity isn’t a problem at all.