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Hillarious Posters on Everyday Scenes from the Delhi Metro

Its a fact, boarding metro from Rajiv Chowk is almost like climbing Mountain Everest, if you get it, considered your self worth of a gallantry award because people inside will try to throw you like Sparta! 🙂 In a hilarious representation of daily life at

What to Do When the Internet Is Down ? (Infographic)

Now that’s a billion dollar question,Internet is down is almost equivalent to apocalyptic. While we are typing over, take a look at this amazing infographic , what would you do ?.

This Fevikwik Todo Nahi Jodo Ad touches the Right Chords

India beat Pakistan once again in World Cup and cheers  are all around, although its indeed one of the biggest rivalries in world but we are still distant relatives. Our roots are same, our traditions are same, our culture is same, we only have some

I talk English,I walk English and I even laugh English #IndianEnglish

No one can forget this dialogue by Amitabh Bachchan in Namak Halal; “I can walk English, I can talk English, I can laugh English because English is a very funny language.” Amitabh gave this famous dialogue in 1982 in Namak Halal, in all probability it

How North India is Beating Heat ?

With temperature soaring up to 45-47 degree Celsius in Delhi and some part of North India, people have taken innovate ways to deal with it. See these images to believe, even this extreme temperature cant take away the fun aspects of North India. This is

This mumbai traffic police ad will make you think

Traffic jams pose a perennial problem in Mumbai. This 82-word billboard promoting the use of public transport, was put up in high traffic zones where cars literally inch their way forward. Of the 3,67,142 cars in this city, imagine, if the one in front of

A collection of maps showing India in a different way

A collection of maps showing how Indians look at India, how we look at the work and how the world looks at India including some interesting facts from India. 1. Food Map of India, the recommendations listed can be foodies delight while travelling. 2. A

Indian Truck Drivers Have A Message For You

Wondering whether your long drive will be painful or exciting, well, if you are travelling in India its never going to be painful, while you were having fun with road signs, the truck ahead of might have something interesting to say.

Driving on Indian Highways, Dont Miss The Sign Boards

If you ever get ride on Indian highways, smile is guaranteed. While the road conditions may give you a sour experience but some of the billboards and road signs, caution boards will make it a enjoyable experience. Source