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The Best Ad of 2014 Was Brilliant and It Wasn’t Even Real

Adweek recently released its annual list of Best Ads of 2014, what really caught our attention was the winner and this add for a beer brand was indeed the best.


Brewer Newcastle wanted to created a advertisement for SuperBowl but couldn’t afford it and they made the best of this situation.

Last January, millions of viewers watched the Academy Award nominee deliver a two-minute, profanity-laden rant that took Newcastle Brown Ale to task for offering her a role in a Super Bowl commercial—and then flaking out and not making it.

The brewer never actually intended to create one. With a media budget for the whole year equal to about half the $4 million price tag for 30 seconds of airtime on the broadcast, it wasn’t even an option.

Kendrick’s buzzy, self-deprecating monologue was just a single piece of the brand’s sweeping “If We Made It” campaign—Adweek’s pick for the No. 1 ad campaign of 2014. Ambitious and clever, “If We Made It” imagined just that—if the brewer had made a Super Bowl ad, how incredibly epic and stupidly awesome it would have been. Read More

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