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Travel Stories, Road Trip to Joshimath and Auli by Rougepouts

If you have been following my previous travelogues, then you might already know that I started my journey from Gurgaon and visited Dhanaulti, Saari Village, Trek to Deoria Taal and our stay there which I have covered here in the post and here in the video and from there we did the Trek to Chopta, Tungnath and Chandrashilla Peak covered here in the post and here in the video!

If you have missed the previous ones, I would strongly urge you to go watch and read those because I think you will really enjoy them! 😀 Sounding cheesy! I know! Anyway, getting back to the point, in the post I will be covering my travel or road trip from Chopta to Joshimath and Auli!

After coming down back to Chopta from the Chandrashilla peak and Tungnath, we relaxed and had fun and food! Oh God, I  was really hungry! Since we came down around 4 pm we still had a lot of time to rest and relax. That night around 8 or 8:30 pm there was a snow fall! It didn’t last for very long but was enough for us to dance and enjoy!! This was my first time experiencing a snowfall! I was just like a kid dancing screaming and watching the snow falling from the sky! Later, after a gossip session, we went to sleep as we had to start early for Joshimath!

We had to start early because we were falling short of cash and we needed to reach the nearest town with ATM to dispense some cash. Even with demonetization in effect, we did not really face any problem. When we reached a very small town, we found an ATM with no queue and full of cash where we could dispense the money we needed and we were back on the road!

On our way to Joshimath, we found Alakhnanda River! We could hear the sound of the water up on the hill while coming down and we couldn’t wait to get down and soak our feet in that freezing cold water! Yes, the water was freezing cold but it was still very refreshing! Removed my shoes and sat down dipping my feet in the water and just listened to sound of the river! The water was very clean and the color of the water was green which looked so beautiful! Loved my time there, felt really relaxed!

Alakhnanda River! Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts
Alakhnanda River! Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts

Then we started to climb uphill towards Joshimath. It was afternoon already and we had to reach by evening. The view of the hills and mountains, while going towards Joshimath was absolutely beautiful! The hills were pretty close so they appeared pretty big, of course! The road was new and awesome and the journey was pretty comfortable! We reached Joshimath at around 6 pm and we were welcomed by a mountain peak that was shining like a flame. It was because the sun was shining strongly on the mountain while setting! This phenomenon happens both at sunrise and sunset and is a wonderful treat to the eyes!

Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts

It was getting dark and we somehow were able to book a hotel in Joshimath. That night we all took a bath! Yes, weren’t able to take a bath since we left Saari Village and that was three days back and this day was the fourth day. We were dying to get a hot water bath! 😀 Everyone was very tired so after a little chit chat session, everyone dozed off.

The next morning we went to Auli and we chose to go via the very famous Ropeway! It starts from Joshimath and ends up at a point in Auli which is pretty high and not accessible by car. You can go to Auli by car but to reach the point which is the best in Auli and very famous tourist destination, you would need to walk up there. Nobody really wanted to walk after three continuous days of the trekking, plus, the ropeway was sounding too exciting! I never had an experience of ropeway, so I was damn excited! The ropeway ticket is available at the station itself and I don’t really remember the price but I think it was around 600/- or 800/- per person.

Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts

The ride crosses ten points to reach the end point and the view we got to see through that was just of another level! The mountains appeared so close and so big! It was something that I will never forget ever in my life! The snow wasn’t that much but it was bitterly cold out there. We reached Auli and the view you get to see is mesmerizing! I saw the Nanda Devi peak for the very first time in my life in person! OMG!! It stands so majestically tall! There were layers and layers of mountains most of them covered in snow. The weather was turning bad and was getting even colder. It was windy and we couldn’t really stand in open for long. After enjoying the view and snow for around an hour and a half, we decided to head back to Joshimath. The cold was getting hard to bear.

Nanda Devi Mountain Peak! Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts
Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts
Road Trip | Joshimath and Auli | Travelogue | RougePouts

We had already checked out of the hotel before leaving for Auli, so once we were back to Joshimath we started our journey back to our homes. We took a night halt at Rishikesh and started for Gurgaon the next morning. We reached Gurgaon around 10 pm at night and had the memories of this amazing journey still in our minds!

Here comes an end to the week-long journey that I had been sharing with you. This was the third and the last part and I really hope that you enjoyed this beautiful journey with me! The video of this travelogue is attached below and is also uploaded on my YouTube channel “RougePouts“. Do like the post and the video and share it if you loved it. Do not forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel as new videos are getting uploaded every week! I will be back with another one very soon and you guys have an amazing day ahead!! Bye!!

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