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When Chennai Traffic Stopped for a Heart Beat

Forgetting stopping traffic for ambulance, giving pass to ambulances in metro cities can be a mammoth effort and its not  because people don’t want, the traffic wont allow.

This story published today can be an eye opener, well coordinated effort in critical situation can save many life’s.

On Monday, life in the heart of Chennai came to a halt on Monday to save a life. Precise coordination between surgeons of two hospitals and the city traffic police, a medical team transported a heart from Government General Hospital to Fortis Malar Hospitals in Adyar, about 12km away, in less than 14 minutes by creating a “green corridor” – that is, red-light free access.

No lal batti: Chennai halts traffic to save life

Image: TOI

For those unfamiliar with Chennai, it’s important to know that the road connecting the Government General Hospital to Fortis Malar Hospitals is a key arterial road, usually carrying heavy traffic.

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