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Young Murtaza’s gets something really special from Leo Messi

Story of young Murtaza will touch your heart because of its purity and simplicity. Murtaza Ahmadi , 5, was pictured wearing a soccer jersey made from a plastic bag with ‘Messi’ written on the back, went viral on internet and rightly so.

Photo of Murtaza wearing the plastic shirt was taken by his oldest son Hamayon who published them on his Facebook page. The family live in the Jaghori District, in the eastern Ghazni province of Afghanistan reported BBC.


As expected, this young fan’s love for Messi did reach Leo Messi and he finally gets something which billions of football fans will envy, a signed jersey from Leo Messi!

Murtaza Ahmadi

Murtaza Ahmadi_1 Murtaza Ahmadi_2

“I love Messi and my shirt says Messi loves me,” said Murtaza.

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